Tuesday, April 29, 2008

ACT NOW !!!!

1. Call CPT at 2 222 8485, 054-432-8529 or 054-733-7056 or
send an e-mail to cptheb@palnet.com.

2. Please phone President Peres 972-2-6707211, Prime Minister Olmert 972-2-6705555 and Deputy Prime Minister Barak 972-3-5692010 and ask them to save the orphans in Hebron.

3. In the US: President Bush, the White House Comment Line 1-202-456-1111.
Contact Senators - http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm
Contact your Representative - http://www.visi.com/juan/congress/
Or call the Capitol Switchboard at (202)-224-3132 and ask for the appropriate
Congressional office.

4. Please call, e-mail or write to the Israeli Defense Forces. Urge them to rescind the closure and evacuation orders and to return the confiscated properties. Send appeal electronically: http://dover.idf.il/IDF/English/Contact+Us/
Public Appeals Officer Phone: 011 (country code 972) (0-use in Israel)3-569-1000
Public Appeals Officer Fax: (country code 972) (0-use in Israel) 3-569-9400

A letter of Support from the European Parliament

Luisa Morgantini
Vice President of the European Parliament

Rome 28th April 2008

Dear all,
Dear friends,
I am very sorry for not being able to attend your press conference today; I would like to present to you all my support for your efforts and your commitment for the Palestinian civil society in Hebron.
The decision of the Israely Army to confiscate and close of the ICS schools and orphanages and other facilities offered, is the further arbitrary and illegal action perpetrated by the Israely Military against the civil population. And it’s a further outcome of the Israeli policy of collective punishment towards the Palestinian people in West Bank as in Gaza.
The justification produced by the Israely military – claiming that ICS is engaged in illegal activities connected to Hamas – but presenting no proof, represents an abuse and cannot be used to punish the civil population, the poorest and the weakest, who in Hebron already suffer for the hard situation: settlers, more than 100 roadblocks, fences, walls and checkpoints that daily severely hamper the freedom of movement of Palestinians and have transformed Hebron in a ghost town.
Unfortunately the International Institutions and also the EU are responsible of the going on of 40 years of occupation, abuse and violations of human rights. But we should go on denouncing and acting for justice and peace.
I strongly believe that the only possibility for Israelis and Palestinians to live in security and peace is not the military way, but the end of the military occupation, the end of discrimination, with two States for the two peoples, according to human needs and international legality.

With my best regards,

Luisa Morgantini