Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A 7th Military Order - The Sewing Workshop

Wednesday 16 April 12.30pm
The Israeli Military raided the sewing workshop that belongs to Islamic Charitable Society. Seven military jeeps including officers handed the workers there a Military order of closure and confiscation.The two orders were signed by GOC General Gadi Shemni and the Commandor of Hebron Yihuda Fochs. Both say that the closure starts from the 15th of April for three years. The order will not take place actually untill the 28th of April, then all properties at the workshop will move to the Military. Anyone who is found there after the deadline would be sentenced to five years in jail, explained the order.
One worker at the sewing workshop said that tens of soldiers rushed into the place and she tried to stop them. Her face was very pale and her hands were shaking. She continued that the officers warned them and handed the order and just left.

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