Saturday, April 26, 2008

The United Nations Report

Date: 15 April 2008
Mr. Maxwell Gaylard
Deputy Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process
United Nations Coordinator for Humanitarian and
Development activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Dear Mr. Gaylard,
I am writing to you in my capacity of chair of the inter-agency Protection Sector Working Group (PSWG) in the oPt and on behalf of its members.
The PSWG would like to seek the Humanitarian Coordinator’s intervention regarding the IsraeliDefense Force’s (IDF) recent order to close and confiscate establishments owned by the Islamic Charitable Society in the city of Hebron (translated copies of the orders are enclosed). The closure and confiscation orders stipulate that the Islamic Charitable Society is an illegal organisation affiliated with Hamas, impose the closure of targeted establishments for three years and transfer their ownership to the IDF. The establishments affected include a school under construction for 1500 girls, the Al Huda market building - which includes a children’s library, eights shops, a physiotherapy centre, a dental and a cardiology clinic, three NGOs, including the Muslim Youth Society - the Islamic Charitable Society’s warehouse a restaurant and two bakeries. The Charitable Society employs close to 550 staff, including teachers and counselors.The Charitable Society also runs two orphanages. Although no written orders were issued by the IDF relating to these orphanages, the IDF has issued oral instructions to close these institutions and to evict their residents. These instructions were allegedly followed by two raids
on the orphanages. In one of these raids (on 6 March) the IDF apparently confiscated all the clothing, food, stationary and other supplies of the children. A second raid was reportedly carried out in the middle of the night, causing harassment and fear among the children. These orphanages accommodate and care for 3192 children, out of whom 95 children cannot return home due to severe economic hardship and 55 who have no family at all. The remaining 3042 children have either one single parent or only extended family. It is understood that as of now, the Hebron Islamic Charitable Society has no contingency plans for shelter or humanitarian assistance for these children, should they be forcibly evicted.
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