Monday, May 26, 2008

Mr. Bulos : '' I can't trust the Israeli Military ''

In his meeting with the steering committee of saving orphans, Mr. Jawad Bulos, the Charity's Lawyer, gave the committee a briefing on the legal side of closing and confiscating the ICS facilities.

"The very first moment the charity received the closure orders I appealed to the Military Legal Advisor and asked him to arrange a meeting with me. The Advisor refused to meet me and later he responded rejecting our appeal. I was forced, then, to appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court," said Bulos.

Again, the Israeli Supreme Court was not a better choice for Bulos than the Legal advisor. '' After five days of my appeal to the court, the court refused to issue a stop order (prohibition order) which is normal in such cases. I was informed later that the court will not discuss our appeal before October,'' added Mr. Bulos.

The expert man of courts is left confused. The Military is working on the ground, the court will not issue an order before October and the stop order is absent. Despite these facts, Bulos does not think that the Military may take further actions to embarrass the court or to create a new trend in the Israeli courts. Yet, '' I can not trust the Israeli Military,'' he remarked.
The expert lawyer, who seemed hopeless, tries to make use of his proficiency in negotiating. This time not in courts but with the Military officers. '' We met with them once. We discussed all details and ways of getting out of this tunnel. The Military officers seemed not interested,'' he thought. Bulos believes that a major part of the solution is political.

Jawad Bulos, a Greek Orthodox Palestinian Christian from Galilee, was born in 1956. He got his degree in Law from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1980. Since then, he has been defending Palestinians. Mr. Bulos has a reputation of being consistent , patient and expert.
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