Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Military Raids - ICS branches in Beit Ula & Shyukh near Hebron

Very early this morning , Thursday, the Israeli military raided two charities , branches of the Islamic Charitable Society, in Shyukh and Beit Ula villages near hebron.
The military confiscated and closed a building in Shyukh that has a school, a kitchen, a kindergarten and administrative offices. They took almost everything. The estimated confiscated material reaches more than 60,000 NIS.
It is not clear yet if the Army has orders to close the school and the kindergarten although the outside door,that was welded shut, leads to them.

The ICS - Shyukh Branch employs 30 employees that take care of a 170- student school (for boys and girls) and a 250-child kindergarten.

Whereas, the Beit Ula branch employs 67 employees that run 2 schools and 4 kindergartens. The boys' school has 190 students while the girls' school has 230 girls. The 4 kindergartens has the total of 409 boys and girls.

The Military confiscated orphans' files, examinations' papers and even students' birth certificates from the school. After finishing the raid, they welded shut the gates of the school and plastered a military order of closure for three years.

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Mohammed hater said...

Islam is pathetic and in the next few years the United States Marines are going to wipe it out. I mean hey, how many have we killed already. Mohammed is bull too.