Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Palestinian Minister of Social Affairs Visits the Orphanages

The Palestinian Minister of Social Affairs, Dr. Mahmud Al-Habbash, visited Wednesday, June 11, the threatened orphanages in Hebron. Al-Habbash met with ICS seniors and had a briefing on the work of the Charity. He also visited the Hebron Boys' Orphanage and paid tribute to the high services and well organized facilities.
Dr. Al-Habbash said that the Palestinian President, Mr. Mahmud Abbas is highly interested in this problem. ''He keeps asking Mr. Fayyad about the Charities in Hebron,"said Dr. Al-Habbash.

The Minister said that the Palestinian Cabinet has formed a special committee to follow up with the Israeli measures against Islamic Charities.'' The Cabinet decided that the Minsters of Justice, Civil affairs and Social Affairs will be part of this committee,''added the minister.

''We don't work for Israel. This is against all the agreements between the PA and them. It is a violation of all Human Rights Agreements. We have informed all internationals about these illegal actions,'' Dr. Al-Habbash continues.
''The Islamic Charitable society is one of the biggest charities in Palestine. We have always supported it and we will never stop. If we had found something wrong in its work, we would have closed it years ago. The Israelis have no right to do that. The islamic charity needs to be thanked for the work it has been doing and we will encourage and support ,by all means, the work of this charity.''


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alajnabiya said...

I was hoping to create an image for a link to your blog like a campaign button, because I would like to see more attention to this issue. The image I made is here, and hopefully I can get it to work on my blog, Climbing Walls. What do you think?

Save Orphans said...

alajnabiya....thank you so much. can you change the number to 3192 orphans? you were talking about the orphans in orphanages only.

alajnabiya said...

Sorry, but I was talking about the ones who were at risk of losing their home, since I said "threatened with eviction." Does the 3192 refer to the number that were to be in the schools? Are they supported by the charity in other ways? Suggest to me what you would like it to say, but keep in mind that it needs to be short to fit in a small space.