Friday, July 18, 2008

Despite fear, concern and disruption: 11 students of the 12th grade got more than 90% at Tawjihi Exam

First on boys in Hebron District /Scientific Stream :
First on girls in Hebron District/Literary Stream:

They never let us down. Despite all bad days we went through, our boys and girls accepted the challenge and proved to everybody that they chose the way to success. Those same students who were accused of being a victim of incitement, being taught hatred and being fed with '' Jihad principles '', got the highest marks in the General Certificate Exam (Tawjihi) of the 12th grade , today.

Seven girls got high marks in this test: 97.1% , 94.5% , 92.8% , 92.4% , 91.2% , 92.1% , 90.8%. Four boys got: 98.4% , 97.6% , 94.7% , 90.3%.

Congratulations to everybody! Wishing them the best in their study.

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