Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Islamic Charitable Society –Background Information

Established: 1962
Licensed by: Jordan, Israel and Palestine

Working area: Hebron in the West Bank


Al-Shari’yah Boys’ School - 640 students
Al-Shari’yah Girls’ School - 645 students
Al-Rahma Elementary Boys’ School - 420 students
Hebron Boys’ Orphanage - 130 children
Hebron Girls’ Orphanage - 110 children

Al-Rahma Bakeries (2) (Raided and gutted by the Israeli military)
Al-Rayan Dairy

Al-Qasimi building
Al-Huda Mall
Al-Harayeq Warehouse (Raided and gutted by the Israeli military)

*There are three other branches of the ICS in Bani Naiem, Shyukh and Beit Ola that are licensed as branches

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