Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Israeli Military to Close Palestinian Orphanages & Schools

On Tuesday, 26 February, Israeli military forces raided buildings of the Islamic Charitable Society in Hebron, handing over six military orders of closure and confiscations for two bakeries, administrative buildings, Al-Huda Mall, Al-Qasimi Building, the warehouse, three schools and two orphanages.

On 6 March Israeli military forces raided the central warehouse at Al-Harayeq and confiscated clothing, food stuffs, stationery and other supplies intended to fill the needs of children and their families. The confiscated goods were worth an estimated $300,000.

The Islamic Charitable Society (main society in Hebron) provides shelter and care to 240 orphans in the orphanages, educates more than 1700 students and aids an additional 3000 orphans and 2500 needy families. It employs more than 550 teachers, counselors and other support staff.

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